Sutton Bank bike trail

Winding down Sutton Bank on the A170, back down to the Vale of York, is a little bit of compensation for leaving the North York Moors. The road is steep and the view is amazing as you glimpse it through the trees.

We were at Sutton Bank this weekend as the light was beginning to fade. We remembered that we'd had a wonderful walk from the Visitor Centre around the same time of day earlier this year, when the sunset lit the cliff with an astonishing golden light.

Sutton Bank in sun

This has to be one of the must-see sights of the North York Moors!

This time we could just fit in a short stroll along Sutton Brow, but it was another revelation. The sunset wasn't as spectacular on this occasion but the colours of the trees and the misty atmosphere around Lake Gormire were gorgeous. 

Lake Gormire

Lake Gormire. You can practically see the hobbits, dwarfs and elves.

We also spotted a brand new cycle track running parallel with the path, which looked exciting. Back at the Visitor Centre we learned that it is a family route, about 3 miles long. Can't wait to try it out! It'll be great for families and anyone who doesn't want a longer route – just the right length, easy access from the Visitor Centre carpark, and taking in some amazing scenery.

There's a brand new bike centre too where you can hire bikes, opening any day now. There are two longer routes planned for next year, using existing bridleways with waymarking. One will be moderately challenging and one will be proper 'ard, so there'll be a route to suit everyone who wants to ride at Sutton Bank. 

It's the perfect location for it - good work by the North York Moors National Park.