Public transport and bike routes to St Aidan's

So, we wondered, is it possible to travel to a small hamlet outside Helmsley in the North York Moors using public transport , perhaps bringing a bike ? 

It turns out that the answer is yes, although you will probably need to involve a taxi if you are on foot. are a local company, well-used to ferrying people into and around Helmsley and other Ryedale towns and villages. They can collect and deliver you to airports and stations, and can also can pick you up at the end of a walk, provide transport to York for a day trip, or drive you to a restaurant for dinner during your stay.

We’ve researched the public transport services. Some of them are infrequent in this rural area, and bus timetables in particular can vary depending on which day of the week or time of year it is, so planning in advance is definitely recommended.

By train:

For Thirsk: Trains run to Thirsk from Leeds, York, London, Middlesbrough and Sunderland.
From Thirsk we suggest you get a taxi to St Aidan's..

If you are bringing your bike on the train, avoid cycling up Sutton Bank on the A170 as it is spectacularly steep and not bike-friendly at all, until you reach the top and the bike centre and trails at the Visitor Centre. An alternative route goes up Boltby Bank which although equally brutal, is at least quieter to push your bike up! 14 miles.

For Malton: Trains run to Malton from York, Leeds, Huddersfield, Manchester and Liverpool.

From Malton there is a bus to Helmsley, service 194. 

From Helmsley you can either walk the couple of  miles up to St Aidan's, or call a taxi for the last bit of your journey.

If you are bringing your bike on the train , expect a few steep hills and gorgeous scenery. 18 miles. 

We’ll be testing these routes soon and will post some photos!