Looking forward to snow

We saw our first snow of the winter today. We reached the top of the path to the Wainstones above Bilsdale, and turned to admire the view towards Bransdale. There it was, a light sprinkling of white on the tops.

IMG 2817.jpg

That reminded me of the last time we were at St Aidan’s in the snow, in January 2016. 

We went for a walk up to Cowhouse Bank. 

The tracks are from an all-terrain buggy that was in front of us, with three generations of one family aboard. OK, I’ll admit to buggy envy.

It was a perfect day, cold and bright. The silence lay like a blanket on the landscape.

Timber stacked at the side of the path had that newly sawn wood smell.

IMG 2433.jpg

As evening fell it turned bitter cold and the light went quickly. Suddenly it felt like a good time to leave, and we hurried back.

IMG 2436.jpg

Looking forward to snow again.