Bike ride, and 5k trail run in the North York Moors

Easy-peasy bike ride in the North York Moors

We appreciate a good scenery/effort ratio for a bike ride and the Sutton Bank National Park Centre made a great starting point earlier this year.  It’s perfect for a holiday outing or for families - or even if you can’t remember the last time you got on two wheels! 

IMG 2188

Kid carrier on the trail - see that little patch of blue sky? 

No lycra was worn for the expedition and we just used our everyday bikes that are ok with a bit of bumpy ground. You can hire proper mountain bikes from the Sutton Bank Bike centre.

 We followed the blue route from Sutton Bank and it was beautifully signposted all the way. There is a little riding on the road but there’s not a lot of traffic.

IMG 2211-51

Back offroad, ride down the side of a field and arrive at a gate to go through onto the cliff at Sutton Bank.

IMG 2215

This is what you see when you get through the gate. 

IMG 2190

The path goes along the side of the cliff.

IMG 2201

Back to the Sutton Bank Centre along the winding path.

IMG 2207

Littl’uns can have fun just doing this bit

...and whilst we’re on active pursuits:

Easy-peasy Trail Run in the North York Moors 

The Rabbit Run is only 5k and perfect for Park Runners who’d like to try trail running.


Runners eagerly contemplating the moorland route at the start

It started at the Moors Centre at Danby, organised by the North York Moors National Park and the HardMoors folk. Mums and Dads, kids, park runners, tri athletes,  serious runners - everyone had a great time.

IMG 2365

Of course I only stopped to take a photo of the wonderful scenery. Nothing to do with being out of breath

The organisers did a great job, and there will hopefully be more in 2016.

IMG 2372

Historic artefact from the North York Moors